Terms and conditions

WARNING!!!: The use of this site involves the acceptation of the terms and conditions listed hereunder.
PLEASE READ THIS REALLY CAREFULLY. If you don’t agree with these terms and conditions please DO NOT USE THIS SITE.


The general terms and conditions apply to all the sales of goods and services offered by S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. through the shop or virtually at to the Buyer.

  • The Site/ Domain: all the information on the SITE that can be visited, visualized.
  • The Content: the content of the site, as well as any e-mail, any information sent to its users/clients by S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. by electronic means and/or any other available communication mean.
  • The Buyer/Client: natural person, legal entity or any other juridical entity of private or public right that sends an Order.
  • The Consumer: according to the legal previsions, only the NATURAL PERSONS can be considered consumers.
  • The User: natural person or legal entity of private or public right who has or who obtains the access to the site through any communication mean (electronic, by phone, etc.);
  • The Seller: the S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. trading society, having the head office in Sos. Pacurari, Nr. 143, Bl. 594, Sc. A, ap. 5, cod 700544, loc. Iasi, jud. IASI, registered with the Trade Registry under number J22/2236/2011, Unique Registration Code 29471120.
  • The On-line Commerce Service: the e-commerce service deployed by S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. exclusively on the publicly available portions of the SITE, allowing the user to contract the products by using electronic means.
  • The Account: the assembly made of an e-mail address and a password that allow one user to send an on-line order.
  • The Goods and Services: The Good – any product that is traded by the seller; the Service – the gift type packaging service.
  • The Order: an electronic document that intervenes as a communication form between the Seller and the Buyer by which the Seller agrees to deliver the products it trades and the Buyer agrees to receive these products and pay for them.
  • The Contract: an Order that is confirmed by the Seller.
  • The Delivery: by signing for acceptance of the transport document that accompanied the parcel to the recipient (buyer).
  • The Rights of Intellectual Property: S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. is the holder of all the rights of intellectual property, copyrights and rights of industrial property over the SITE, with a declarative, but not limitative character, holding rights over the data base, design rights, model rights, patents, trade marks and registrations of the domain names for any of the above, over its design, its content etc. The Buyer is obliged to respect all the rights of intellectual property provided by law, the title of which was legally acquired by S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L..


By sending an electronic order on the following site: , the Buyer agrees with the communication form (by phone or by e-mail) by which the Seller is operating. The order will be made of the following documents, by importance:

  • The Order (together with the clear instructions regarding the delivery and billing data) and its specific conditions
  • The general sale terms and conditions
If the Seller confirms the order, this implies a complete acceptance of the terms of the Order. The acceptance of the order from the Seller is considered to be finalized when there is a verbal (telephonic) confirmation or an electronic (e-mail) confirmation from the Seller to the Buyer, without needing an acknowledgement of receipt from the latter as well. The order that is not confirmed by the Seller does not have the value of a contract.


The Contract hereby is valid from the moment of confirmation of the Order by the Seller. The confirmation is made telephonically or electronically (by e-mail). The concluded Contract will be based on the general sale terms and conditions.


  • The Seller will use its best efforts to honour each order, as stipulated by the specified Terms and Conditions.
  • The information presented on the Seller’s site has an informative character and can be modified by the Seller without previous notice. Also, for reasons regarding the space and coherence of the informational structure, the description of the products can be incomplete, but the seller uses its best efforts to present the most relevant information, so that the product can be presented under a form corresponding to the reality;
  • The communication with the shop can be made by interacting with it, by posting opinions about the products or by using the addresses mentioned at the "Contact" section. We shall exclude from the site or ignore opinions or views containing injuries or an inadequate language. The Seller is free to manage the received information, without having to justify itself.


The Seller can cede and/or subcontract a third party for services regarding the honour of the order. As an example, we can enumerate: the delivery of the order by courier. By accessing to the content of these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer agrees in advance, according to the dispositions of art. 1315-1318 of the Civil Code, with the substitution of any third party from the rapports born from the contract hereby, a consent that the Buyer gives exclusively for the services regarding the honour of the order. In this case, the seller will be freed from the obligations referring to the honour of the order towards the buyer.


The Buyer understands the meaning of intellectual property and he engages to respect it precisely. Also, the name of the sites, as well as the graphic signs are registered trade marks and property of S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. and they cannot be taken over, copied or used without the written consent of the owner.


The persons that use the site expressly and implicitly agree with the fact that the use of the site is made at their own risk. S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. absolves itself from all, directly or indirectly expressed responsibilities regarding the use of the site.

We are not responsible for: any type of prejudice (direct, indirect, accidental or not, etc.) resulting from the use or incapacity of use of the content information presented or not on the site or for any other types of errors or omissions from the presentation of the content that can lead to any type of losses.

The information can be reproduced under a printed form only for a personal use.

The information cannot be reproduced, distributed or transmitted to another person or incorporated in any way in a document or written material without previous written permission of its authors.

S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. reserves its right to delay or to cancel the delivery of the ordered products if these cannot be honoured for reasons that are independent of S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L., including: fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes, governmental actions, wars, acts of terrorism, protests, revolts, civil disturbances or other impediments of major force, according to the Romanian laws.

The Seller cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind that the Buyer or a third party might suffer as a result of the accomplishment from the Seller of any of its obligations according to the Order accepted by the parties, for damages that might result from the improper use of the Goods after the delivery, nor for the loss of the products.

The Seller discharges itself from the risks and responsibilities associated to the Goods at the moment of their delivery to the internal courier service society the Seller collaborates with.

The maximum value of the damages that can be paid by S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. towards any buyer is the value of the amount received by S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. from that buyer.


No public statement, endorsement, press release or any other type of disclosure to the third parties will be made by the Buyer with reference to the sent order, without the previous written consent of the Seller.

S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. guarantees for the security and confidentiality of the data that are hosted and transmitted by its computational or telephonic system. This information can be used by the Seller to send to the Buyer/User the confirmation of the orders, different special offers, promotions etc. only upon written consent of the latter.

S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. engages itself not to transmit the personal data to any third party, except for the direct marketing operator. The personal data can be transmitted to the legal authorities that have the right to check the commercial transactions or to other authorities that have the right to make any justified verifications, if this is solicited, according to the legislation in force.

The information provided to S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. is used only for the reasons why it was introduced (for orders, commercials, marketing and publicity, for sending messages to the staff, for newsletter subscription, etc), according to the laws in force. S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. does not provide your e-mail address to any third parties, it does not encourage the spam and it does not make public the data provided by the clients without their explicit consent.

Under the basis of Law 677/2001, you have the following rights:

  • The security right (the right to obtain from the operator, upon request and free of charge for one solicitation per year, the confirmation of the fact that your personal data are processed or not by the operator);
  • The intervention right (the right to obtain from the operator the rectification, updating, blocking, deleting or transformation into anonymous data of certain incomplete or inexact data);
  • The opposition right (the right to protest at any moment, without any justification, against the processing of your personal data);
  • The right of not being subject of an individual decision (the right to demand and to obtain: the annulment or cancellation of any decision that produces juridical effects on you or the re-evaluation of any other decision about you, exclusively adopted under the basis of a processing of personal data, made by automatic means and meant to evaluate certain aspects of your personality as well as your professional competence, your credibility, your behaviour and other such aspects);

The exercising of these rights involves the submitting of a written, dated and signed demand addressed to the operator. In 15 days from the order reception, the operator will communicate the solicited information/the actions that were taken.

  • The right to seek justice (The competent court is that on whose jurisdiction the complainant resides. The sue petition is exempted of tax duty.)

The personal data collection obligatorily implies the providing of these data by the target persons (user, buyer). If these data are not provided the operator will consider this to be a refuse of the target person to process those data and, implicitly, to carry out the service the person requested to the operator (for example, to honour an order).

S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for the errors appeared because of the users negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password.


Step 1: Choose the products

By using the menu from the left, you can navigate through the categories or lists of brands. Once you found a product that matches your requests, click on the following button:

You can add the product to the shopping cart directly from the list of products or from the presentation page of the product.

Step 2: Operations in the shopping Cart

When adding the products to the cart, you will be automatically directed to the page of the shopping cart, where you can visualize the list of products, to update the quantity or to give up some or even all the products from the cart. To add more products to the cart, you will have to go back to the shop to select other products.

If the products that you added to your order and the quantities are according to your wish, you will have to create a sale order. You will be able to make this by clicking on Order now, which will send you to the 3rd step of the online order.

For each placed order, we offer you the possibility to choose between the normal packing and the gift packing.
If you choose the gift packing, you must know that you have to pay a price of 10 ron.

For the normal packing all the products will be packed properly for the maintenance of their quality during the transportation. The gift packing will respect the quality standards of the packages, as well as in the case of normal packing; beside, the parcel will be enwrapped with gift wrap, having insignia that are specific to babies and a small bow.

Step 3: The Delivery Details and the Products Order

During this step you will have to fill in the details regarding the order delivery. In case you are already registered in the system, introduce the authentication data and all the data you saved in the system will automatically charge. If you want the new order to be delivered in the same conditions, according to the data that are saved in the system, all you have to do is click on Send order, otherwise you will have to modify the values that are already charged in the form.

If you are not a registered client of the site, you will have to register and fill in the profile with the standard elements of delivery, or fill in all the elements of the form and click on the Send order button.

You should know that you can make online orders even if you are not registered in the system; the only difference is that each time you will have to configure the delivery elements when you want to place the order directly on the site.

As soon as possible after the reception of your on-line order you will be telephonically contacted by a representative of our company in order to confirm your order and together establish the details regarding the delivery date, the payment method, the billing address, the delivery address.

The Seller will ensure the proper packing of the Goods and the transmission of the accompanying documents.

All the Goods deliveries will be made exclusively on the Romanian territory.


By courier

  • The products delivery is made by courier services (Urgent Curier); the buyer will support the transportation expenses, except the following case: For orders with values of over 300 Lei, our shop supports the courier delivery expenses, anywhere in the country.
  • The express freight fees comprise the transportation fees and the money reimbursement fees.

    The fees depend on the locality of destination, if the locality is different from the county capital (respectively the town of Iasi). If the order value is under 300 lei the transportation price is supported by the client and is of 19 lei (fix amount) if the locality is different from the town of Iasi, respectively 15 lei for the local expeditions, indifferently from the number of ordered products, their value or weight. Thus, you as a client will know exactly how much you pay for your order.

    The products delivery will be made in 24 hours from the order takeover, for the parcels picked from Monday to Friday, indifferently from their destination. In case of unfavourable weather the delivery can take longer.

    Moreover, the delivery of the parcels can be made on Saturday as well without any extra costs!

    The exception from these terms is represented by the parcels that are offered as gifts, where the delivery term can be extended to up to 2 days according to the number of orders on the waiting list. You can receive an approximate term from our sales advisor when you are telephonically contacted for the order confirmation.

  • In case of bank transfer payment (payment order), the goods delivery is made after the entrance of the entire amount in the accounts of S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L.

ATTENTION!!!: We reserve our right to not deliver to the persons who didn’t accomplish their pecuniary obligations or other kind of obligations to . After two attempts of unsuccessful delivery of the same parcel made by the courier services, your order will be cancelled and this contract will be invalidated, without the possibility to make a new order.

The courier is not authorized by the Seller to allow the Buyer to open the parcels before the delivery signature, but only after this signature and the payment of his pecuniary obligation regarding the parcel.


You can buy products from our shop by using the following payment instruments:

Cash on Delivery

You can pay the equivalent value of the ordered products and services right on delivery. When the courier delivers the ordered goods you will give him the amount corresponding to the order. The value of the cash on delivery will be communicated to you at the moment when you place your order and it will be noted on the bill that accompanies the goods. In order for you to benefit from this type of payment, when you create the online order, select for payment method Cash on delivery.

The Payment Order

The payment is made by bank transfer upon the basis of the pro forma received by mail after the confirmation of the order. The proof of the payment has to be send to S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. at e-mail vanzari@bebestil.ro. The products delivery will be made only after the entry of the amount (the total equivalent value of the bill) in our account. In order for you to benefit from this type of payment, when you create the online order you have to select the payment option By payment order.

For the making of the bill, if you are a legal entity, you will have to fill in with the data of the company that you represent. This can be made by selecting the option Legal entity (Society, Self-employed Person, Non-governmental Organization).


We want you to be fully satisfied with the products you buy from our online shop. If, for certain reasons, you are not fully satisfied with the bought items, you can return them and we will return you the equivalent value for your order.

The Government Ordinance no. 130/2000, for the natural persons who buy products from the sites by using the distance communication techniques, stipulates the following by art. 4, paragraph (1) letter b and art. 7 paragraph (1). :

  • "The consumer is entitled to address a written notification to the tradesman by which he gives up the purchase, without penalties and motivation, in term of 10 working days from receiving the product"
  • "The consumer is entitled to unilaterally denounce the distance contract, in 10 working days, without penalties and motivation. The only costs that can represent the charge of the consumer are represented by the direct expenses of products return."

The term of “consumers” only refers to the NATURAL PERSONS. The Clients with juridical personality have no right to unilaterally denounce the contract, as the legislation only refers to the natural persons.

Therefore, if you decide to return certain products that do not correspond to your demands you can do this, by law, in maximum 10 working days from the parcel’s reception.

Any return has to be preceded by a notification of the return intention. This notification can be made by e-mail at the following address: vanzari@bebestil.ro.

The returned product has to be in the same condition as when it was delivered (with the original labels on, not worn, with no smell of perfume, with the accompanying documents). Upon reception, the parcel will be checked to see if it corresponds to the above mentioned conditions, if not, this will be returned.

In order to make the return, you have to send us the products through an express freight or the Romanian Post, by respecting the following indications:

  • Pack the products you want to send us (you can use the packing sent by us) and mention the number of the bill the products belong to on the exterior of the parcel.
  • The return must be accompanied by the following documents:
    - The bill (original or copy);
    - The receipt from the courier (original or copy);
  • The parcels must be sent at S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L., with head office in Sos. Pacurari, Nr. 143, Bl. 594, Sc. A, ap. 5, cod 700544, loc. Iasi, jud. IASI.

If you do not respect the return conditions, we will not accept your return. We do not accept payments due by return!

In all cases the return/re-expedition expenses will be supported by the client.

In MAXIMUM 30 DAYS from the date of confirmation of the return from our part we will give you back the equivalent value of the products, in your account or by postal order at the address from your identity card, this cost comprising only the value of the products, not the value of the transportation afferent to the received order as well.

WARNING !!! The transfer of the amount to your bank account. For the making of the bank transfer you have to specify the number of your IBAN account, the name of the holder and the Personal Number. (WARNING - The IBAN account must belong to the person whose name appears on the bill!).



Please respect the return terms you agreed with at the moment when you finalized the order.
We WILL NOT accept the parcels that:

  • Have been sent without previous notification;
  • Have the reimbursement amount mentioned on the transportation label;
  • Do not contain the elements that are necessary for the identification of the return on the package;
The equivalent value of the products that have been damaged during transportation because of the improper package in case of a return of products is supported by you.

WARNING !!!: For all the claims and situations in which the reason of the return can be imputed to the provider you have to address to the clients relations department to solve your problem.
You can do this at Phone number: 0722513335 or e-mail: vanzari@bebestil.ro.


Beside any other guarantees stipulated by the laws in force, the seller guarantees the Buyer against any unconformity that may affect the entire or part of the delivered Goods, except the normal wear, for a period of 24 months from the date of issue of the sale bill.


The property over the Goods will be transferred at the moment when they are paid by the Buyer.


If the seller does not execute any of his obligations, including during the guaranty period, the Buyer will notify the Seller in writing about this non-execution. The notification will be sent by recorded delivery post or any other mean of communication that can ensure an acknowledgement of receipt from the Seller. A notification that was sent without an acknowledgement of receipt would not be taken into account. An action plan will be validated between the Parties in 3 days from the date of confirmation of the notification.

The Buyer can cancel an Order by e-mail, before it was delivered. If not, the order will be object of goods return, mentioned on the sites of the Seller.


None of the parties will be held responsible for the non-execution of its contracting obligations, if the said non-execution is due to a major force event. The major force is the unpredictable event, which is out of the control of the parties and which cannot be avoided.


The contract hereby is submitted to the Romanian law. Any litigations that are born from the interpretation and execution of the contract hereby will be solved amicably and if no arrangement is settled the parties will invoke the competent courts from the headquarters of the Seller.


If one of the clauses of the contract hereby becomes obsolete, it goes against the law or it becomes inoperative because of the application of an executive, legislative or judiciary decision or of other decrees or public decisions, this will not affect the validity or applicability of the other clauses that will continue to remain in force and produce juridical effects as if the invalidated, obsolete or inoperative clause was not part of this contract at the date of its signing.

The contracting parties will be considered independent contractors and neither is awarded the right or authority to assume or create any obligation at the expense or at the damage of the other.

S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. reserves its right to bring any modification to these provisions, as well as to the site/to its structure, including modifications that could affect the site and/or any other content without previous notification of the User or of the Buyer.

S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. would not be held responsible for the eventual errors that appear on the site for any reason.

By agreeing with these Use Terms and Conditions of the site , the User/Buyer completely assumes the consequences that follow from the use of the site according to these conditions.