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In this category is given a wide range of gifts that can be used at baptism, the cutting Motului or various other occasions. Find here holders baptismal certificate, proof of an important moment in our lives, boxes for keeping the first tooth, the first curly, photo frames, photo albums for storing special memories baptism or baby's first year of life and other baby gifts. Also, there are gifts that can be offered to little children older such as various figurines, photo frames moneybox.

         The gifts offered are of exceptional quality figurines are made ​​of silver and Swarovski crystals are embedded, can be given to babies or little children dearly birth, baptism or other occasions. They carry famous brands known worldwide such as Crystocraft, Juliana Collection, Button Corner, The Leonardo Collection and other brands. The presentation is great, in special boxes made ​​to keep these gifts so fine!

         If you nose or godmother, a close friend, or if you just want to get them a special gift for your baby, who will remain as a unique reminder to you, offer him gifts of style, refined that with dearly, we provide you our store!

Baptism Gifts
    Other kids gifts (cutting curl, anniversaries, etc.)
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      Quality clothing for children and babies

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