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This support for keeping baptismal certificate can be a special gift given at baptism. It's a gift elegant style, refined.

The substrate is plated with silver is in the form of a tube means is unscrew the. It is also tied with a white ribbon.

One side is engraved a few flowers, an angel and a church in which it is written "church" and room for engraving the name of the church where the baptism occurs. On the other side is engraved the words' christening Day "as it is a place where they can be engraved baby's name and date of baptism (" name "and" data "). Every end is a carved bear.

Also, support is Engraved on a horse, a bear, a few flowers, giving a touch of innocence and joy of childhood specific.

The product is presented in a gift box belonging to famous brands Juliana Collection. It is an elegant and sure to keep the certificate for baptism, baptism is a gift with style!

Silver baptismal certificate holder can be bought with silver set first tooth and first curl and silver pacifiers, both from the same collection.


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