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Outfit "Ship" is specially designed for hot summer days.

2-piece outfit includes a short sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts.

Shirt is blue with the edges of the sleeves and bottom white. He has printed a ship floating on the sea. In the top left is the embroidered word "AHOY". Shirt ends with two studs located on the left shoulder. The material from which it is made ​​is very soft and pleasant to touch.

The trousers are a fine doc and the color cream or navy. They shows the front and back by 2 pockets. On the front right pocket is embroidered the word "AHOY".

Have a wide waist band, elastic, red that is applied to a cord.

Composition shirt - 100% cotton

                   Trousers - 100% cotton


Crem / Bleumarin
6-12 luni / 12-18 luni / 18-24 luni


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