Questions about the On-line Products and Orders

How Can I Find a Certain Product in the Shop ?

In order to find a certain product, use the search box from the upper area of the site, where you have to type words that describe the product you are looking for. If these words are found in the name or description of a product from the site, the system will display a list of compatible results.

I am a Legal Person. Can I Buy from the Site ?

Yes, the site also honors orders for legal persons. In order for you to receive the fiscal invoice, please fill in the on-line order form with the data of your company.

How Do I Do if I Want the Delivery to Be Made to an Address that Is Different from the Address from my Client Account ?

In this situation you can introduce another delivery address than the one automatically assumed from the profile of the user’s account in the order form.

Is It Possible to Pack the Product as a Gift ?

Yes, all you have to do is to specify the packing type – gift – when you order. Pay attention and specify the correct destination address. The price for this service is 10 ron.

The Administration of the Client’s Account

I Forgot My Password. What Do I Do ?

If you forgot the password of your account, use the Password recovery option, which is available on the Login page.

How Do I Do If I Want to Modify the Data from my Account ?

In order to modify the data from the client’s account, you need to log in and then access the User’s profile option, which is available in the upper area of the site.

Do I Need an Account in Order to Be Able to Buy ?

In order to buy from this site, you need to create a user’s account. This account can also be created after adding the wanted products in the Shopping Cart.

Can I Modify an Order that Was Already Sent ?

If you want to modify an order you have to contact us by using the contact form from the site. Please specify the order ID that you can find in the Orders History section.

Can I Find Information about the Previous Orders ?

You can look up the history of the orders you made on the site by accessing the Orders History section.

General Questions

I Want to Buy a Product that Is Not In Stock. What Do I Do ?

For more information regarding the availability of the product, please contact us by using the contact form.

I Want to Obtain Supplementary Information that Are Not Found on the Site. What Do I Do ?

In this case, please contact us by using the contact form.