About Us

Who are we ?

      We are a couple of happy parents who share an immense love for their baby. This idea of business was born from our passion for the simple things, which are filled with love. We wanted to offer our baby extremely special things that we gladly want to offer to you as well, mommy and daddy, godfathers and all of you who have little children around you. These are new products, chosen with great love and attention, things of very good quality, proved by the quality certificates. Most of the products are provided by great manufacturers and distributors from Great Britain, addressed to the children that are up to 3 years old. We can offer you gift sets that harmoniously mix business with pleasure, personalized T-shirts and bodies, stylish cloths for babies, refined gifts etc.

      Also, by permanently having in mind the health and comfort of our babies, we want to offer you products made of organic cotton, recommended for their skin that is so sensitive. It is known that this type of special cotton ensures the health of the baby, protecting it against the allergies and skin irritations. Unfortunately, the autochthonous market offer only a few such products and the quality of them is not at our expectation.

      We also have little clothes with funny messages, from Dirty Fingers, for the courageous babies who want to communicate with those around them. These are English products of great quality offered to the children that are up to 3 years old.

      We cannot forget the extremely important event from the life of your babies - the baptism. As we want this unique moment to be unforgettable, we offer unique, special clothes to your baby-boys and baby-girls that will make them look like real angels. Also, through their refinement, the offered gifts will immortalize this moment making it live for ever.

      Now we let you take a walk around our shop and admire our products. Your baby deserves the best and we are here for you to help you give him a refined, stylish gift. As we already said, they are all offered with love for your baby!

      We are here for you, to answer any question and we are waiting for you to return any time you wish!

BebeStil.ro Team